The Beginning

Hello everybody, or nobody currently, as i sit here at my desk typing my very first blog post, sitting at zero followers. Its taken me a while to set this page up, and to be honest, its still not finished yet, so please bear with me as i continue to improve this site and learn how to navigate it correctly.

So first, let me introduce myself, my name is Mark, as you may have guessed already from my blog title. Iv’e always had a love for the great outdoors, be that walking in or camping in, and preferably both. So it may come as some surprise to you all, that early last year i could hardly leave my house, this was due to a series of events in my private life that had left me with bad anxiety and mild depression. Whilst stuck at home i started watching a lot of outdoor vlogs of walkers, campers and bush crafters. As my condition improved i started to get myself out again. On one of these occasions i went out with my eldest lad, Curtis, on a wild camp, and i was lucky enough to actually meet a few of them in their local wood where they did a lot of their videos. After spending a night camping with them, sharing drinks and stories around the camp fire, i came away inspired to start my own YouTube channel, which i did, and has been running for a little over five months now.

Well that’s a bit of back story and my beginnings into publicising my outdoor adventures, which leads us on to this blog. So after spending five months recording video footage of my travels and editing it all into short “movies”, which i thoroughly enjoy might i add, i had decided to add another dimension to it all by also writing a blog. This is something i’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and i have finally took the plunge in to the world of bloging. I will be continuing my YouTube channel, but i really want to run this blog along side it, as i feel this will add a personal feel to my journeys, whilst the videos provide the visuals. My blogs will be starting properly from my next trip, so i wont be writing any posts from previous adventures, but there is a link to my YouTube account on my page if you are interested, and wish to watch them.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post, and i look forward to getting my first followers on here and sharing my experiences with you all in the great outdoors.

Regards Mark



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